The GOP has three core values: White Supremacy, a perverted lust for exotic assault weapons, and a malignant misogyny. <shrug>

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Are they nuts? DeSantis is only slightly less incompetent than tfg. Republicans must have some candidate who would be better than either of those guys.

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She thought she should run against a nice, popular guy she respected because the Republicans seek out the low information candidate and demonize the other side without any evidence. I don't agree she is genuine and real as she says she is. She has a "passion" for every idea the Republicans have fed to her without any regard to why the other side might hold those views. She even repeated stuff about Biden that the Republicans spew out, then blamed identity politics. Couldn't listen to the end.

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I agree with Larry. Robert, great interview.

I found myself cringing at some of the things she said, but not disliking her as a person.

I think that has a lot to do with the interviewer.

Thank you.

On a different note, Robert, I love your bird and nature sound posts. Thank you.

I wonder if you have considered writing a follow up on the NY Times editor comment to you, "You live a cliche."

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THANKS, Bob, for this interview! Amy Sinclair is very articulate. Just wish she didn't lean so far right!

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